6 Interesting Facts about Online Fan Tan

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Avid bettors must be familiar with Fan Tan. This Chinese game got raising popularity with interesting gameplay as its selling point. However, is Fan Tan really just some table game in a corner of a casino? Get to know its true nature from these 6 interesting facts about online Fan Tan below.

6 Interesting Facts about Online Fan Tan

  • Fan Tan is Old Yet New Game

Even though Fan Tan has been around in China since 2000 years ago, the game itself only known to the world since the latter half of 19th Century. The game itself was brought by Chinese workers who immigrate to the western United States. The popularity spreads from there. Today, it is known to the whole world by an online betting platform with Macau as its stronghold.

6 Interesting Facts about Online Fan Tan

6 Interesting Facts about Online Fan Tan

  • Fan Tan’s Lucky Number is Four

Four is known as the ‘unlucky number’ in many Asian countries. However, this number serves as the lucky guide in Fan Tan. Fan Tan is best played with four players because all player will get an equal amount of cards, but it also can be played by three up to eight people. However, Four-player game will result in equal winning chances and optimized game time.

  • You Win if You Play All of Your Card

The game will end when a player had eliminated all cards he or she has. However, that doesn’t mean you should wait until every player on the game lure out all cards they got. The first card that is played should be seven, and then players should arrange the next card in order, whether it is up or down (eight or six). All player will try to eliminate all card they have by make an order of them.

  • You are Lucky if You Have Lots of End Card

Now that we know, it’s best to eliminate most of the cards instead of all of them, then how to work our way to victory? Simple, just see if you have end cards on hand. End card is the card that can end the suit and reduce other player’s move. So, if you have end cards, play it as soon as the suite appeared on the table.

  • The First Player or Banker Doesn’t Matter

Many bettors believe said that playing first let bettors the control of the game and it is also one of the basic strategies to win in any kind of betting games. However, that is not the case with Fan Tan. Whoever starts the game doesn’t actually matter – they only do as much as starting the game. The one that has to control is the player who has the most end cards since they can easily end a suite. Of course, there’s an exception where bankers happen to have most end cards.

  • Fan Tan is Similar to Other Card Game, Yet Different

If you are accustomed to Poker’s ante or bet force, Fan Tan’s ante is similar to that Poker’s ante but also has some differences. In Poker, you do the ante if all players are ready with their cards, but in Fan Tan, you should do the ante if you don’t have much end cards, or in some games, if you have more cards than other players. That’s why it is better to play this game with four people.

These 6 interesting facts about online Fan Tan are interesting indeed. With the knowledge, we can hack our ways in the game and make it more enticing to play on. Do all these facts make you crave to play some Fan Tan? Go have fun and collect some funds!

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