Enchanted JP 3D Slot Game Free Play at Casino Malaysia

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Have you ever experienced playing slot games in a magical world? If not, you may have never experienced a newly released slot game by Betsoft named Enchanted JP. One of the best things about BETSOFT you didn’t know aside from the games it offer, you can also get a lot of amazing prizes by playing their games. While you will be offered with exciting features, you will also get a chance to get this Enchanted JP 3D slot game free play at casino Malaysia. Find it how below:

Enchanted JP 3D Slot Game Free Play at Casino Malaysia

Enchanted JP in Short

As stated above, Enchanted JP is a new 3D slot game from Betsoft. In this game, you can explore a world full of magic whose every element is controlled by a wizard. While playing the game, you will be in a magical forest and will have plenty interactions with various fun and exciting characters that are playing with you.

Enchanted JP 3D Slot Game Free Play at Casino Malaysia

Enchanted JP 3D Slot Game Free Play at Casino Malaysia

Besides, you will also find wizard hats, keys, and many other wizard things, all of which can lead you to big wins. This game has 3 rows, 5 reels, and 30 payline slots. In addition to that, this game also provides bonus rounds, free spins, and a progressive jackpot.

Give this game a try and be ready to discover the secrets when you are spinning the reels. Also, be ready to enter the wonderful world!

The Game’s Presentation and Theme

Enchanted JP comes with a theme of fairytale that can be easily noticed from the moment you land on the reels. The game’s graphics, voices, and sound effects in this game are all in the theme of fantasy that can bring you to a new and different realm where you can recall your memory of children’s storybook.

In the bonus game, the animations used are classics. In that round, you can see fairies that cast spells and elves living in trees. In short, Enchanted JP is a great choice of slot game for those who love to revisit their memories of childhood.

Bonus Features 

While the theme and presentation of the game alone are already entertaining, this game still offers bonus features that can lure you. When playing the game, make sure you can find Spellbook. It is a free spin bonus that you should not miss. Trigger this feature by hitting Spellbook icon for at least two times at a certain play line.

Although the feature is pretty easy to get, you still need to be fast in playing the game as the bonus features can suddenly occur on reel no three. Another bonus feature is Enchanted JP 3D icon. When you are playing free spin games and the icon lands right in the middle of a reel, you will be lucky as you can increase your win. Also, you can get a chance to grab other exciting rewards.

Play the Game for Free at Casino Malaysia

Does this new Betsoft game seem interesting to you now? If you plan to try playing this game but are doubtful because you think you are a newbie, you can simply play it for free at some Malaysia casinos. What you need to do is simply finding reliable Malaysia casino websites and find out the promo our free play features there. Some online casinos offer free spins as a strategy to test new slot games. The free spins are usually combined with a chance to win little money with a guarantee of being risk-free.

To get the free spins, make sure you register yourself by following all the steps written on the website and give the game a try. Once you register yourself, you are already the member of the casino.

Enchanted JP has all the reasons to why you should try this game. The entertaining features complemented its possibility to be played free at some Malaysia casinos make it as a complete package. So, give it a try soon!

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