Facts about BETSOFT You Didn’t Know

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BETSOFT has been widely known by lots of casino players all around the world. BETSOFT itself has been trusted by lots of online casino sites as their gaming partner. Unfortunately, there are some facts about BETSOFT you didn’t know. What are those facts? To find out, you need to keep on reading this article!

Facts about BETSOFT You Didn’t Know

  1. Slot Games Failure

The first unbelievable fact about BETSOFT is related to the slot games they offer in around 2016. In playing both games, some online slot players did not find themselves winning the games even when they have placed the maximum bet to play the games.

Facts about BETSOFT You Didn’t Know

Facts about BETSOFT You Didn’t Know

One of the online casino review sites claims that BETSOFT has the failure related to the software they are using. The software, RNG or Random Number Generator, is not working as it is supposed to work, and the paytable and the payout received by slot players are different.

When that site comes to share its problem, BETSOFT claims that there is nothing wrong with the software. In fact, that site found that the slot games form BETSOFT are locked where the Slot players cannot win over the Slot game itself.

  1. Trust Issues

Based on the problem previously mentioned, BETSOFT were having trust issues with many online slot players. Besides, some sites were strongly suggesting the players to avoid playing the Slot games offered by BETSOFT in the past.

Another trust issue was related to its license to operate. The license came from Alderney Gambling Control Commission or AGCC. In 2014, BETSOFT was prohibited to operate, but there was no clear reason given by both parties.

  1. Strengths

In spite of those problems, BETSOFT has several strengths that make it worth chosen. BETSOFT has long been known as the best 3D online slot games developer. Compared to other online slot game developer, BETSOFT always comes first with the latest innovations of the online slot games. The games they offer are exquisite with the incredible graphics and sound effects to enrich the players’ experience.

The next strength of BETSOFT is their experience in the online betting industry. BETSOFT was established in 2005 and as one of the oldest slot betting game developers, BETSOFT truly understands the market and the industry to bring the satisfaction to the online slot players.

Lastly, related to the previous problems, BETSOFT has become more and more cautious. They make the games better each time and they also make sure that RNG works fairly all the time. To do so, BETSOFT and the licensing company audited their games every time. It is done to prevent the same problems occur in the future and to make sure that the players get their right to play the fair games.

After you have known the facts about BETSOFT you didn’t know, you will have better knowledge about them. BETSOFT surely had problems in the past and it will help you to be more cautious when choosing the online slot games. On the other hand, there are lots of reasons why should try online slot games of BETSOFT. This provider is much better in every aspect and always give you the best service.

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