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How to Play 3 Pictures Casino Game

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“3 Pictures” is a kind of card game that you can play, and this game is popular in Malaysia and some other Asian countries. This game is pretty interesting to play and you may win big here. If you are interested in playing this game, you need to understand how to play 3 Pictures casino game.

How to Play 3 Pictures Casino Game

  1. Dealing the cards

In dealing the cards, you will be helped with the dealer and you will get 3 cards that are located in the playing area. The cards used here are 52 cards without the jokers and those cards have the same backs color and design. The cards will be arranged in the face down position and the last card will be given to the dealer.

How to Play 3 Pictures Casino Game

How to Play 3 Pictures Casino Game

  1. Placing the bet

In placing the bet, the dealer will announce you on when to place it. In this game, you are given two kinds of bet to place, namely the Three Pictures bet and Tie bet. The Three Picture bet is basically betting on the Knight cards, namely Kings, Queens, and Jacks. In the tie bet, you will bet on the total number of the cards and both players and dealer will have the same total number.

  1. Playing the game

After you have placed the bet, the dealer will announce on when the bet is closed. The game will be started afterwards. To play the game, the cards in the playing area will be opened by the players and the cards will be returned to determine the winner of the game.

  1. Determining the winner

After you have known your cards, the dealer will determine the winner from the cards given by the players. Firstly, the dealer will examine the players’ cards, and then he will examine his cards afterwards. The winner will be known by the total point of the cards compared with the dealer’s cards.

The highest score will be the one who acquires the Knight cards, and another score will be determined by the total point. If you have the total point the same with the dealer, the cards should be examine.

If one of them has the most Knight cards, he will be the winner. However, if they have the same number of the Knight cards, it will be the tie game. The winner, the loser, and the tie will be announced by the players and the payout will be known.

  1. Payouts

The payouts in the 3 Pictures game are determined by the total point of the cards they have. The payouts are ranging from 1:1 to 16:1. The highest payout will be 16:1 if you can acquire the 3 Pictures, and if you win the tie bet, you will be eligible to get 8:1 payout. Then, if you get the lower total point like six or others, you will each get 1:2 and 1:1.

After you have known on how to play 3 Pictures casino game, it should be brought into practice, and do not forget to enjoy the game!

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