How to Win In Fortune Cookie Slot Games

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Fortune cookie slot game is an Asian style which has 3 reels. It is a Microgaming slot game that offers spinners to win 1600x jackpot in each spin. Fortune cookie slot game has 1 pay line which means that you need luck in playing this game. Nevertheless, this slot game helps by providing wild icons and it can double or even quadruple the value in normal winning. Moreover, this game has retro themed and it is simple yet not complicated at all. Furthermore, by following these steps you will know how to win in fortune cookie slot games.

How to Win In Fortune Cookie Slot Games

Knowing the Game

It is a classic Microgaming slot game which offers big rewards. It combines the real slot machine and Chinese folklore. Fortune cookie slot game is one of the best casino classic slots. It has a classic design with cheery, seven and bar symbols of Chinese traditions. It has the sound like the real slot machines.

How to Win In Fortune Cookie Slot Games

How to Win In Fortune Cookie Slot Games

Knowing the Rules

The rules of fortune cookie slot game are very simple. In order to play this game, you just need to place a bet on the amount of either one or two coins and then you can spin the reels. The purpose of this game is the same as the other slot games. You just need to match the same symbols on the center pay line to win the game. The symbol of the fortune cookie is wild which replaces any symbol. Thus, that symbol will help you in forming the winning line easily. If there is one fortune cookie in the combination, the prize of your win will be doubled. If there are two, the reward is quadrupled. If you bet two coins for each line, you will get the highest prize and reward.

Spin up a Fortune

You do not have to open the fortune cookie to know how much money you will get. You can just simply check the paytable which is occurred on the game screen close to the reels. Then, you can know the paytable and the chance of winning the game. You will have a chance to spin either one or two coins. According to the pay table, spinning two coins is worth the risk because of the doubled prize. However, only one coin will be double if you use two coins. After all, winning for one or two is the same.

Wild Bonus Boost

Fortune cookie slot game offers a special feature in a form of a wild icon. The wild icon substitutes the other symbols so that you will easily win by having the same symbol on the reels. As a result, you will get multiple rewards, it is either 2x or 4x depends on the amount of the coins. If it is one, you get double if you get two you get quadrupled.

Those are some information about the game and how to win in fortune cookie slot games. If you are interested in playing the classic slot game, this game is one of the best online classic slot game that you can try.

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