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How Risky is Placing a Bet on a Tie in Baccarat Game?

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Baccarat is one of the card games among the online casino games. Baccarat itself has several types of bets, one of them is a Tie bet. Unfortunately, tie bet is said to be the worst bet that you can choose, but how risky is placing a bet on a tie in Baccarat game?

How Risky is Placing a Bet on a Tie in Baccarat Game?

Playing Baccarat is more or less the same with Dragon Tiger. In Baccarat, you will be presented with 3 kinds of bets that you can make, namely player, banker, and tie. In the player or banker bet, you will be whether one of them has the higher card value and the highest value will be 9. On the other hand, if the results are the same then the result will become a tie.

How Risky is Placing a Bet on a Tie in Baccarat Game?

How Risky is Placing a Bet on a Tie in Baccarat Game?

  1. Low Probability

The first thing that you need to know about this tie bet is that it has low probability compared with the other type of bet. If it is calculated, the probability will be 0.095156 and it is unlikely to happen. It does not mean that it is impossible to win, but you need to be very patient since it will be rare to happen.

  1. Payout

There are two common payouts in this Baccarat game, namely 8:1 and 9:1. The most common payout used by most casinos is 8:1 since 8 is believed to be the lucky number of Chinese people. Having the 8 or 9 payouts will be very tempting, but both of those payouts have different house edge that you need to consider.

The house edge for 8:1 payout will be 14.360%, and it is considered as the highest house edge in this Baccarat game. Another payout is 9:1 and the house edge will be 4.844%, but this 9:1 is not commonly used by the casinos.

If you are winning in this tie bet, you will be likely to win big, but you will need to pay the house edge later on. It means that you will not be able to enjoy your winning and you will be likely to suffer since the house edge is very high.

It does not mean that you cannot bet on a tie, but you need to know when to do it. If you are looking for different atmosphere and you want to feel the adrenaline, you can bet in this tie bet. However, you cannot bet on tie continuously since you will be likely to lose lots of money.

Besides, you need to become very careful since the casino is not very happy if you win this tie bet since you will be considered cheating. The most important thing about it is that you need to deal with the house edge later on, and the big win is not very beneficial here.

Then, how risky is placing a bet on a Tie in Baccarat game? The answer will be very risky since it is unlikely to happen and the house edge is very high. Therefore, you are not recommended to place a bet on a tie in Baccarat game since it is not worth it.

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